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We are Eltees and we are about creating value and quality for the average customer, and we do that by delving into niche industries and making our unit companies function and serve our clients in ways our competitors can't..


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The Poultry market is a very lucrative and partially profitable business booming in Nigeria. According to Dr. Lekan Odunsi, the poultry Association of Nigeria Chiarman (Ogun State Chapter), it was stated that Nigeria generates N200 Billion Annually on egg Production. it occupies a prominent position as a major Source of protein supply to Nigerians. it has also contributed to about 25% of the agricultural domestic products of the Nigerian Economy.........

Cash Crops

Feed for our farms are also produced in our feed mill, allowing us to provide our flocks with the best nutrition, a key component in the production of healthy, nutritious eggs. More importantly, it allows us to control our feed composition, giving us the flexibility to respond to complaints from our customers faster and better. Some of our other products include feed, Point Of Lay Hens, Fish, Palm Oil, Cashews, Mangoes, Maize, Cassava etc....


According to the Catfish Association of Nigeria produced 370,000 metric tons catfish annually. Findings From federal department of Fishereies (FDF) and Food & Agriculture Organzination (FOA) records shows that Nigeria's self-sufficiency ratio in fish PRoduction was as high as 98.8% in 1983 but has dwindled between 40% and 19.2% as a 2005...........


At Eltees Farms, we benchmark against international standards by automating as many processes as possible  Egg collection is fully automated as seen in this picture  Feeding, Drinking and the collection of manure are also fully automated. with Automated egg collection which helps limit human handling...etc